Rainbow Prism Pretty Cure!
(Reinbō Purizumu Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Kanade
Original RunMay 4, 2014 - April 26, 2015
SuccessorRainbow Prism Pretty Cure! Sparkle
Opening SongRainbow Prism Pretty Cure! YAY!
Ending Song7 lights

Rainbow Melody

Rainbow Prism Pretty Cure! (レインボープリズムプリキュア! Reinbō Purizumu Purikyua!?) is the first Japanese magical girl anime series and the first installment in CureKanade's Pretty Cure franchise. It is unofficially produced by Toei Animation and begins airing on May 4, 2014. The final episode will air on April 26, 2015 and the series' motifs are rainbows and mirrors.


Rainbow Prism Pretty Cure! Episodes

The Land of Colours is invaded by King Jaaku and his generals and Queen Aura and King Silver are put into a coma, leaving their daughter Murasaki Onpu to fend for herself. Scared, Onpu heads down to Earth with Butler and doesn't realise that Rainbow and Platinum have already gone on ahead to find the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. On Earth, Aida Kotone is making her way to school when she finds Rainbow and Platinum wandering around town lost. At school, Kotone meets Onpu and Butler and during a battle with Kuro, Kotone transforms into the first Pretty Cure! Soon after, six other girls become Pretty Cure to help Rainbow, Platinum and Butler save the Land of Colours. But will the seven Cures be able to combine their powers to battle this powerful enemy?


Pretty CureEdit

Aida Kotone (相田ことね Aida Kotone?)/ Cure Heartful (キュアハートフル Kyua Hātofuru?) - The main protagonist of the series. Kotone is a kind, cheerful fourteen year old girl who loves solving mysteries. She is very good at cooking and is a member of the photography club at Niji-iro Middle School. She becomes Onpu's first friend and loves to write romance and mystery stories. Her alter ego is Cure Heartful and her theme colour is pink while her powers are based of love and showers.

Orenji Kaede (オレンジかえで Orenji Kaede?)/ Cure Flare (キュアフレア Kyua Furea?) - Kaede is a sporty, tomboy fourteen year old girl who is friends with Kotone. She is a member of the sports club but mostly likes to play softball and attends the same school as Kotone and is really popular. Her alter ego is Cure Flare and her theme colour is orange while her powers are based of fire.

Hikaru Kii (光るきい Hikaru Kī?)/ Cure Shining (キュアシャイニング Kyua Shainingu?) - Kii is a shy, talented thirteen year old girl who doesn't have a lot of confidence but is a very song singer. She has only one friend and is a first year student at Niji-iro Middle School. She is very smart and is the daughter of Hikaru Kenji, a karate master. Her alter ego is Cure Shining and her theme colour is yellow while her powers are based of the sun and light.

Midorimoto Tsubaki (緑素つばき Midorimoto Tsubaki?)/ Cure Camellia (キュアカメリア Kyua Kameria?) - Tsubaki is a calm, smart fifteen year old girl who is the student council president of Niji-iro Middle School. It is rumored over the school that Tsubaki can be really scary when angry and Tsubaki has a soft spot for flowers and dreams of owning a flower shop. Her alter ego is Cure Camellia and her theme colour is green while her powers are based of nature.

Aozora Mizuki (碧川みずき Aokawa Mizuki?)/ Cure Sky (キュアスカイ Kyua Sukai?) - Mizuki is a kind, quiet thirteen year old girl who is in the same class as Kii. She is in the gymnastics club at school and is very good at dancing and writing poems. She is very elegant and even though she looks smart, she actually only just passes her classes. Her alter ego is Cure Sky and her theme colour is blue while her powers are based of wind and water.

Ai Haruka (藍はるか Ai Haruka?)/ Cure Cloud (キュアクラウド Kyua Kuraudo?) - Haruka is a second year student at Ai-iro Private Academy and is full of common sense. She is very mature and smart and isn't afraid to says things that could make others hate her. She is very good at making friends and has a lot of friends. Her alter ego is Cure Cloud and her theme colour is indigo while her powers are based of weather and ice.

Murasaki Onpu (紫おんぷ Murasaki Onpu?)/ Cure Symphony (キュアシンフォニー Kyua Shinfonī?) - Onpu is the Princess of the Land of Colour and is very shy at making friends. She loves to sing and is a transfer student at Niji-iro Middle School and is never seen without Butler. She gets along well with all the Cures and loves to write songs and poems with Mizuki. Her alter ego is Cure Symphony and her theme colour is violet while her powers are based of music and teleporting.


Rainbow (レインボー Reinbō?)

Platinum (プラチナ Purachina?)

Butler (バトラー Batorā?)


King Jaaku (キングジャアク Kingu Jaaku?)

Deep Blue (ディープブルー Dīpu Burū?)

Kurasaki (くあさき Kurasaki?)

Kuro (クロ Kuro?)

Shiro (シロ Shiro?)

Ash (アッシュ Asshu?)

Black Light Pretty Cure (ブラックライトプリキュア Burakku Raito Purikyua?)


Queen Aura (クィーンオーラ Ku~īn Ōra?)

King Silver (キングシルバー Kingu Shirubā?)

Aida Ryoko (相田涼子 Aida Ryoko?)

Aida Ichiro (相田一郎 Aida Ichiro?)

Aida Mana (相田マナ Aida Mana?)

Movie Only CharactersEdit


Cure Palette (キュアパレット Kyua Paretto?) - The transformation item for the Cures. It has seven rainbow coloured button that light up when the Cure's say their transformation phrase: Pretty Cure Colour the Rainbow!.

Prism Cards (プリズムカード Purizumu Kādo?) - The collectable items of this season.

Rainbow Candles (レインボーキャンドル Reinbō Kyandoru?) - The weapons that the Cures use for their purification attacks.


Land of Colours (色の地 Ironochi?) - The home country of Murasaki Onpu, Rainbow, Platinum and Butler. It was invaded by King Jaaku and his generals.

Niji-iro Middle School (虹いろ中学校 Niji Iro Chūgakkō?) - The school that all Cures attend. They all are in different classes though.





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